Web Design Referral Programme

Ready to pocket £100 in cold, hard cash? Along with other exciting perks. Intrigued?

Refer us

Knowledge is like money, and when you discover that a friend is in need of a new website, why not recommend Ee-By-Gum? Let them know that we’ll be reaching out to lend a helping hand.

We start a new project

Once we understand their requirements, we’ll help them get signed up and craft a stunning, revenue-generating website. Once the final payment is received, you’ll receive your well-deserved cash reward!

All Done

Whether you fancy a night out, treating yourself to some new threads, or making a sensible investment, the money is yours to spend as you please. You can continue the cycle by referring another friend in need of a website and earning more rewards!

Existing Clients

As an existing Ee-By-Gum client, you have the flexibility to pick from two attractive options: you can either opt for a £100.00 cash reward or choose 3.5 hours of maintenance/updates for your website, which is valued at £150.00. The choice is entirely yours!

For External Referrals

For those who are not yet clients of Ee-By-Gum, making a successful referral entitles you to receive a fantastic reward of £100.00, which will be promptly paid into your bank account. Start referring now and earn those well-deserved rewards!

Earning Your Reward

To ensure you receive your well-deserved reward, make sure your referral meets the following criteria:

  1. Email info@by-gum.co.uk before the client contacts us, and we will reach out to the client using the provided details.
  2. The referred client must sign up for a website package and make full payment for it. Please note that other services are currently not included in our referral scheme.
  3. You must not be employed by or related to the referred client or their business.
  4. Your referral payment will be processed once we receive the final balance from the client.
  5. Kindly note that referrals for projects valued below £1000 will not be considered valid for this program.

Start referring today and start earning your rewards! Thank you for being a valued part of our referral program.